The ‘Podos’ story

Ancona, a hidden gem perched on a stretch of elbow-shaped coast dropping into the Adriatic sea. Surrounded by rolling, beautiful countryside and crowned with the impressive Monte Conero.

This story begins here, in the shadow of Monte Conero, in the heart of the Marche region. It is the story of blending the countryside way of life with the modern pleasure of tasting a handmade glass of wine; considered today, more than ever, a noble and precious product. It is the story of a group of friends, who decided to share an exclusive experience in traditional settings enjoying themselves while promoting the Marche ‘brand’.

This is where ‘Podos’ came from, a wine making experience with friends. The name ‘Podus’ comes from the ancient Greek ‘pous-podos’, which means ‘feet’ and reminds of the Greek roots of this land and the handicraft nature of the product. Feet are used to crush the grapes.

Wine making is an adventure that leads you back to simplicity of ‘being together’, in contact with nature and making something tangible. Slowly, you start savouring and appreciating the value of a simple, timeless product, which is at the same time rich and sophisticated.

The various blends were tasted and a favourite chosen, corks were put in place, labels designed, a blowtorch was used to shrink the foil into place. We became a slick well-oiled team as we tool pride in producing our wine.

The passion for wine and the invaluable experience of ancient techniques add to the delight of opening your own bottle of wine.

From the grape to the table, an unforgettable journey through values and traditions; much more than just a simple glass of wine and an experience that won’t be forgotten by any of those involved in making our own Rosso Conero wine.

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