Rosso Conero, A Taste of Marche

Wine is something magic, a noble gift from nature that comes from the soil, an ancient product that combines values of the past and traditions.

Wine is not just something that you obtain spontaneously; wine is effort, commitment and a passion. Enthusiasm and consistency are required to manage this fruit of the soil and make sure it expresses the character and roots of the land.

Each region has its own specialities and it was a mix of passion and Marche region that characterized the recent wine tasting organised by the ONAV association and ‘Yes We Conero’ (a group of local cellars such as Lanari, Le Terrazze, Lucesole, Malacari, Marchetti, Mercante, Moroder, Piantate Lunghe, Pieri,Polenta, Serenelli, Catia Spinsanti, Strologo).

All the experts met in the amazing surrounds of the Moroder cellar in Ancona, in order to taste the best wine from the region. Each wine provided a different taste and a different story, the incredible history of all the families from each generation who are working to create these amazing products.  One by one all the producers explained their wine, letting us appreciate sophisticated details and methods that turn a simple product to excellence.

Wine is sight, smell and taste, it combines the senses together. Tasting Rosso Conero, a deep ruby colored wine from Montepulciano grapes, you can immediately recognise various aromas such as cherry, blackberry, soft fruit, black cherry and a mineral undertone that reminds me of the timeless link with the Conero area : sea, hills and sun all in a glass.

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