Be the first one…or maybe just the second!

Yes, we are going to do it again!

As we were planning we have organised a second weekend in early September: from Friday 7th to Sunday 9th.

This is a great opportunity for you to discover and live, even if for a short time, authentic values and experiences in the Le Marche region by tasting local products at the farms and by bringing home tangible memories of your holidays. It is valuable for us to obtain your feedback which will help us gather ideas and give you the best possible experience.

Our aim is to provide a bespoke experience and give you the chance to propose alternative or additional ideas for improvement.

This is what we currently propose….

On the first day: Welcome to Ancona!

You will be given a very warm welcome to Ancona. There will be no emphasis on spending long amounts of time in museums and the usual tourist destinations. Instead we can do relaxed walks and chat through the narrow streets of the old town, up to the Roman Amphitheatre, just behind the Cathedral named ‘San Ciriaco’ and inside the park Cardeto which drops into the sea.

Should this prove to be yet a bit overwhelming, you will find proper refreshments at the end, as we will stop for an ‘aperitivo’ and you may want to try a glass of Verdicchio, a popular, award-winning wine, already described in this blog.

This should whet your appetite, which is great, because just after that we will be heading to a local restaurant where you can try a traditional seafood dinner, including a popular dish of local mussels, which grow naturally on the rocks surrounding the Monte Conero, south of Ancona.

Saturday: make your own wine!

Our planned activity involves a visit to the vineyard, together with a wine expert, followed by a tasting event involving different vintages and blends of red wine.

Once we have tasted and learned a bit more about wine, we will choose our favourite blend and work together to bottle, cork, label and finish our own bottles!


You can then either take your bottles with you, or have them shipped back to your homes, so you can pride yourself on your own wine with your family and friends! We will end the day by eating in a local restaurant where you should now be able to choose your favourite wine with ease!

Sunday: chill out

Depending on the weather and the flight schedule, we will choose among a number of options, including some light but panoramic trekking, or lying and relaxing on the beach, shopping, visiting Sirolo and Numana (two very nice villages by the sea, not far from Ancona).


We will arrange accommodation in local B&Bs. The type of B&B will depend on the number of people and the mix of the group. The underlying theme is a family-owned, small and friendly B&B in the Conero area. Please have a look at the pictures below to get a flavour of the style of accommodation you will be staying in:


Please be advised that the schedule of the activities may change slightly, depending on the circumstances, such as the weather. However, be sure that we will strive to provide you with authentic experiences and make your trip great fun and very memorable!

Travel Information.

Information on how to reach Ancona can be found here.


If you are interested in finding out more information or if you wish to book a place, please send an email to:

Or, you can contact us on the following numbers:

Italy: +39 347 15 53 624

UK: +44 751 67 06 446

See you in Le Marche!