Savoury Cheese Cake, tasty!

Here it comes Easter with all its traditional dishes and, as you can imagine, there are several in Italy.

Out of so many choices, we picked the “Pizza al Formaggio”. This is a type of savoury, cheesy cake, very typical of central Italy and especially Le Marche region. You can find this throughout the year, but you will definitely see and eat a lot of it, if you hang around during the Easter break.


It is such a rich recipe: white flour, eggs, olive oil, butter, milk, a pinch of pepper and nutmeg, zest of lemon and of course mixed cheese, both grated and in chunks.

A great way to celebrate Easter and if you do it for yourself, or are lucky enough to get it from a “grandma”, you will taste the authenticity, the flavour and the richness of traditions over here.

Pizza al Formaggio best goes with a nice local salami, or ham and of course a nice glass of Rosso Conero will make it even smoother. Happy Easter from Made In Marche!


If you are interested to get the full recipe and try yourself, please do email us. Even better if you wish to come along to Le Marche and get  your hands on with local people, drop us a line!