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Le Marche region is located in the middle of Italy, on the east, Adriatic coast. The capital of Le Marche is Ancona, which is located by the sea, just in the middle of the region and from which you can reach any other location within 1/1.5 hours.

By Plane. Ancona Airport (otherwise known as ‘Falconara’) is located 10Km North West of Ancona and has flights to and from Rome, Milan, Sicily and Sardinia, London, Munich, Paris, Madrid, Dusseldorf, Stockholm. Watch out because not all flights are scheduled on a daily basis and also there may be additional seasonal flights. For further info please check out the airport web page at:

Other airports located nearby are Rimini (75km to Ancona), Perugia (89km), Forli (122km), Pescara (147km), Bologna (200km) Rome (300km), Milan (400km).

By Train. Ancona is also located on the Adriatic railway line, which connects the city to Rimini and Forli (approximately 1hr), Pescara (approximately 1.5hrs), Bologna (approximately 2hrs) and Milan (approximately 4hrs). Rome is also connected through railway, the journey takes approximately 3hrs. For additional info regarding times and fares please visit:


By Car. The A14 motorway runs by the coast north to south through the whole region, passing by the capital Ancona. From the coast you can head to the up-country using  SS73Bis (north of Marche), SS76 (from Ancona towards Umbria and Rome), SS77 (south of Marche) and then a number of secondary roads in the middle of the countryside.

Be advised that to access motorways in Italy (all those named by ‘A-’) you will normally need to pay a toll. For additional information regarding motorways and fee please visit the Autostrade web page at:

By Ferry. Ancona is a major port in the Adriatic Sea with frequent connections to Greece, Croatia, Albania, Montenegro and Turkey.

For additional info please visit:


If you are not yet clear, please send us an email and we’ll be happy to help…have a safe journey!



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